All the photos taken at the Quirindi One Day Event are mow up here ready to view and there is also a selection on the Horsedeals website Gallery.


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  All photos that we have taken during the event are posted here. Details of our services and prices are detailed on the 'Prices' page of this website and please contact us if we can help with any queries or requests. Up to 5 enlarged images can be open at once and can be dragged & dropped around the screen for comarrison.
1 - Monday AM
(163 photos)
2 - Monday PM
(198 photos)
3 - Tuesday AM
(364 photos)
4 - Wednesday AM
(365 photos)
5 - Wednesday PM
(129 photos)
6 - Thursday AM
(365 photos)
7 - Friday AM
(103 photos)
8 - People pics - final vetting
(196 photos)
9 - Presentations
(83 photos)
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Our next event will be the NSW Interschools Championships followed by Denman Horse Trials. .

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